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Honda Activa's new campaign celebrates its 20 glorious years of legacy- Priceless love & trust of customers

New Delhi, December 17, 2020: Marking the 20th anniversary of its flagship product – Activa, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. launched a special campaign. While celebrating the unparalleled leadership and ever growing relation with its customers, the campaign introduces Activa 6G 20th Anniversary Limited Edition which was unveiled recently.

Since its inception in 2001, Activa reactivated the scooter segment and with every generation continues to change the way India rides.

Preciously curated for customers, the 20th Anniversary Edition of Activa 6G gets distinctive design cues that accentuates its overall royal appeal. Two new colour schemes- Matte Mature Brown and Pearl Nightstar Black matching with rear grab rails make this limited edition a sure head turner. The shiny embossed 20th year anniversary logo and precious golden Activa emblem make it instantly recognizable. Adding more visual drama to the overall design are stylish graphics. The firm road grip gets stylish with the help of black steel wheels on both front and rear. Further accentuating the modern looks are the brown inner cover and seat*.

The campaign aims to celebrate 20 years of priceless love and togetherness between Activa and its customers. Capturing the precious relationship of a husband and wife on their anniversary when the husband surprises her by bringing home the all new 20th Anniversary Edition of Activa 6G.

Speaking on the campaign, Mr. Yadvinder Singh Guleria, Director – Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd said, “We are extremely happy and proud as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Activa. It is a celebration time for us and the extended family of more than 2 crore satisfied customers who have made Activa a part of their daily lives. The campaign presents the emotional connection between our customers and their beloved Activa which gets a makeover to celebrate this special occasion. The distinctive gold embossed Activa logo of the 20th anniversary edition is the highlight and makes it worthy of a collector’s must have!”

This campaign was conceptualized by Dentsu One, a Dentsu Aegis Network division & Mr. Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director, Dentsu One (the writer and director of the film) said, “I am grateful for the opportunity to work on this special campaign. Twenty years is a long journey and Activa is so special. ‘Zindagi do pahiyon se chalti hai’…and we wanted to celebrate this journey of two decades with a special story that not only reflects on the beautiful past but shows the promise of a special future. We thought it would be great to see the journey through the eyes of the husband even as he recreates couple’s very first interaction inside the college library. It was good fun bringing the playful script to life.”

“Activa is not just a scooter brand for millions but a treasure of memories. Most of India would have taken a ride on an Activa since its launch in 2001. People grew from infants to adults, young love birds to married couples and from parents to grandparents - with many beautiful and cherished memories with this brand. 

The 20 years’ anniversary edition of Activa marks this beautiful journey of a brand that has garnered the love and affection of Indians. The film shows story of a couple which comes a full circle down the memory lane with this anniversary edition. A lot of things in this long period might have changed but not the love, trust and this beautiful relationship with the brand.”, added Mr. Abhinav Kaushik, Executive Vice President, Account Management, Dentsu One

About the film: ‘Zindagi do pahiyon se chalti hai’

The film opens with the wife, in front of the mirror, humming to herself when suddenly her husband comes up and reminisces about their college days. Starting off the conversation, the man confirms her subject stream by prompting ‘Maths Honours?’  and then introduces himself as ‘Neeraj Srivastava, Chemistry Honours’. Further complimenting, he tells his wife that ‘it is unfair for a beautiful girl to be alone in the library’.

The husband then asks if she would like to go out with him for dinner? To which she retorts that the dialogues are 20 years old and he should come up with something new.

Responding to the wife’s demand, he says, ‘Naya laya hoon, tabhi toh purani baat yaad aagayi’ and opens the door to show her the Anniversary Special Edition of Activa 6G. He then presents her with the key of Activa and says ‘Ek Naya Safar Shuru Karein!’

The video ends on a heartfelt message that commemorates the 20-year long relationship of Honda’s Activa with its customers that has become even more precious with the Activa 6G Anniversary Edition.


Campaign Summary:

  • Campaign Elements: Print, Outdoor, Digital,
  • Client: Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Pvt.
  • Creative Agency: Dentsu One Pvt. Ltd.
  • National Creative Director: Titus Upputuru
  • Creative Team: Titus Upputuru, Vishal Mittal,
    Vishnu Das Kunchu, Akash Swami, Utsav
  • Planning Team: Anand Murty, Samik Chatterjee
  • Executive Vice President, Account Management:
    Abhinav Kaushik
  • Vice President: Shiguma Shinohara
  • Account Director: Aakash Jain
  • Account Executive: Reeva Chopra
  • Films: Kriti Khandelwal
  • Director (of the film): Titus Upputuru
  • Production House: ESP films
  • DOP: Krishna
  • Music: Shubham

Title of film: Activa 6G
Anniversary Edition-

Precious as Gold

50 seconds

Film Launch:
17 December 2020

Digital, Events, Dealerships, Mobile, WhatsApp